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Below are some examples of web design work I've done in the past. I'm a new designer/developer and am always looking for interesting projects.

Client: Wellington Genealogy Group this was my first project for a group in more than fifteen years. Since I have a personal interest in the history of my hometown, I thought it would be very appropriate to help local historical groups with their Internet presence. This project is not completed, but is in its final stages. Special thanks to the Wellington Genealogy Group for their support and help making this a reality.

Wellington Genealogy Group

Preview this site on Codepen! (May be an earlier version.)

Project: Weather App this project was inspired by 23 lines of Ruby code I wrote for a programming bootcamp project. Since my Ruby and Ruby on Rails skills are not up to par, I decided to choose a framework that was easier to deploy, and as I had been learning JavaScript, I decided to use a jQuery plugin by James Fleeting. My future plans for this little project are to "reverse engineer" the original code a bit more and make it my own by actually limiting the capabilities of the program. My original Ruby code was only based on US zip codes and Fleeting's awesome wizardry allows for just about any search string.

jQuery Weather App

Josh's Weather App (With lots of help from simpleWeather.js)

Project: Photo Gallery/Essay Concept this was inspired by some of the more beautiful examples I've seen on the Internet of photo essays which encourage the viewer to look for more than a mere few seconds at each image. In addition, I try to tell a story through the text ("Lorem Ipsum" in this case!) while giving the viewer a chance to skim through the material if they choose to do so. It was created with CSS skills I developed through a tutorial by the awesome people at

Photo Essay Concept

Photo Gallery/Essay Concept (With lots of help from