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As a History minor I developed my skills in the areas of research, writing, and patience. My main research interests were conceived with my 2008 senior honors thesis. I wrote this thesis under the tutelage of two academic advisors who gave me a huge amount of encouragement, assistance, and (most importantly) criticism which helped sharpen my research and writing skills.

The thesis is titled "'Holding Up the Light of Heaven': Presbyterian and Congregational Reform Movements in Lorain County, Ohio, 1824-1859" and uses a methodology rooted in religious studies and history to track the development and influence of ideas at Oberlin College and their influence in local communities.

It clocks in at 202 pages, so I'll understand if you don't read it all. To get the main points, you can read my thesis defense PowerPoint below.

The thesis was defended "with distinction" in December, 2007, six months before I graduated from Kent State. Because of my work with the thesis, I received the Hy Krtizer Memorial Thesis Fellowship and was asked to be a Contributing Editor for History Matters, an Undergraduate Research Journal at Appalachian State University.